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Our solution is to abandon it entirely, pushing OO techniques to a more advanced level for students who wish to learn them, and concentrating on the basic principles of modularity, parallel and sequential cost analysis, and direct verification of running code at the introductory level. Dijkstra used to say “beauty is our business”, to which I would add that life is too short, and bright minds too precious, to waste on ugly things. And if you take this point of view seriously, the best and the brightest are drawn to, rather than repulsed by, the field.

The awkward methodology, the “design patterns”, the “style guidelines”, all get in the way of teaching the principles. And even setting that aside, you’re still doing imperative programming on ephemeral data structures. It just does not work, because it is fundamentally the wrong thing.

What is a data structure? It’s a signature, or interface, written in the language you’re programming in. What’s an algorithm? It’s a structure, or implementation, of that signature.

In F# the designers started with the right thing (Caml) and eliminated the very thing that matters the most about ML, it’s module system!

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It should be a bug if no notification alert is shown, I created a github issue to track this problem.
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Add both Emacs Org mode and ReStructuredText.

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I’m fixing issues of Lambdahackers and playing with concatenative programming.